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My camera has been a passport to adventure. It has allowed me to span continents at the speed of sound. I have carried my camera to the depths of the ocean to explore coral reefs and swim through shimmering schools of silver fish. It has unlocked doors from ancient castles and mud huts on the edge of the Sahara. I have photographed presidents and marched with Martin Luther King. I invite you to share my adventures through my images on this site.

Photography is a powerful medium, enhanced by the Internet. Today we live in a global village and Fine Art America is an art museum that provides a showcase for anyone with talent and an Internet connection. It is inspiring to see what people from all parts of the world have created. It is like walking through the galleries of the Louvre, the Hermitage and the Prado.

My first job with the government was as the photographer on the Peace Corps staff. My first day on the job I left on a trip around the world. In the following years I visited volunteers on remote islands in the Pacific and isolated villages in Africa, my camera recording over a million images of these idealistic young Americans and the people they worked with. John Kennedy said, "Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country" and their response is history.

Eventually my travels took me to just over 100 countries including all of Africa and Europe. I was inspired by Ernest Hemingway, Ansel Adams Cartier Bresson and Jaques Costeau.

My photography has been published in LIFE, LOOK, PARADE, NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, PARIS MATCH and STERN in Germany and my column "The Traveling Camera" appeared in almost every major newspaper in North America. I also wrote a monthly column in POPULAR PHOTOGRAPHY magazine for 17 years. My commercial images are available on Corbis, that image archive owned by Bill Gates. Some of my photographs have even been displayed in his home.

Many of these images are also available for editorial or advertising use at or Or you can contact me directly at or by phone at (352) 989-3552.

Carl Purcell
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Michigan City, Indiana 46360


Balcony on Fontainebleau Hotel in Miami Beach by Carl Purcell


Architecture in Helsinki Finland by Carl Purcell


Crazy Eiffel Tower on LSD by Carl Purcell


Big Ben in Neon by Carl Purcell


Canadian Mountie by Carl Purcell


Winged Victory at Louvre in Paris by Carl Purcell


Blowing in the Wind by Carl Purcell


Mosque in Bomako, Mali by Carl Purcell


Girl in Antelope Canyon by Carl Purcell


Irish Beauty at Bunratty Castle by Carl Purcell


Spiral staircase by I.M. Pei by Carl Purcell


Who's Sorry Now? by Carl Purcell


Amazing Sexy Blonde by Carl Purcell


Golden Lady at Intercontinental in Paris by Carl Purcell


Bare Bartender at Bike Week by Carl Purcell


The Green Madona in Santiago by Carl Purcell


Weekend Cottage for Donald Trump by Carl Purcell


Adobe House in Afghanistan by Carl Purcell


Couple at Waterfall on Maui by Carl Purcell


Tomb of Leonardo di Vinci by Carl Purcell


Hairy Potter by Carl Purcell


Clifflyn and Carl by Carl Purcell


Outrigger on Hawaii by Carl Purcell


Xmas Eve in Denver Colorado by Carl Purcell


Bath England on Rainy Night by Carl Purcell


Gekko on my Screen by Carl Purcell


Alone on the Great Barrier Reef by Carl Purcell


Cathedral in Segovia Spain by Carl Purcell


Roaring Lion in Kenya by Carl Purcell


Arc de Triomphe in Paris by Carl Purcell


Celtic Crosses in Irish Sunset by Carl Purcell


Horse of a Different Color by Carl Purcell


Maybe Darwin was Right by Carl Purcell


Kissing a Giraffe by Carl Purcell


Excaliber Convertible in Switzerland by Carl Purcell


Satyr Seduces Wood Nymph by Carl Purcell


Temple of Poseidon in Greece by Carl Purcell


Boy Rides Dolphins by Carl Purcell


Fifty Gallons of Coca-Cola by Carl Purcell


Snooty Wine Sniffer in Portugal by Carl Purcell


Library Walk Plaque by Carl Purcell


Big Beach on Trinidad by Carl Purcell


Aquaduct in Segovia Spain by Carl Purcell


Royal Carriage by Carl Purcell


IRA Mural in Belfast Ireland by Carl Purcell


Couple with Dog at Sunset by Carl Purcell


Monorail at Disney World by Carl Purcell


See you later alligator by Carl Purcell